What is Cremation Jewellery?

Cremation has long been used a method for safely disposing of a loved one’s earthly remains and is now more common in the UK than burial. Studies by The Cremation Society of Great Britain show that since 1960 the number of cremations have more than doubled, rising from around 35% in 1960 to more than 74% in 2012.

In the UK the Code of Cremation Practice forbids the opening of the coffin once it has arrived at the Crematorium and so both the coffin and the body is cremated. The ashes are then filtered and given to the family for scattering in the Crematorium grounds or taken with them to be scattered or saved elsewhere. The amount of ash for an adult would be around 3.5% of the original mass and with children, about 2.5%.

Families choose a number of different ways to keep or scatter the ashes. They may wish to scatter the ashes at sea, in a special place, in a park or a football ground. Although it is forbidden to scatter ashes in a public place people still do so. Many football grounds allow the scattering of ashes and you can contact the ground directly for their policy.

Many people now choose to keep some or all of the Cremation Ashes as they feel a stronger sense of togetherness by having a physical part of their loved one close at home, in the garden or increasingly now formed into jewellery.

The traditional cremation urns of the past, although still popular, have been replaced by a vast variety of different shapes and sizes of urns. Cremation Jewellery, or Funeral Jewellery, is a special type of funeral urn. One which allows you to keep a small part of your loved one with you at all times. Often people choose to keep the majority of ashes in a traditional or modern casket-type urn and also place a small amount of ashes into a cremation pendant, a cremation charm on a bracelet or incorporated into a ring or ear rings.

Many urns and jewellery urns can be engraved with a personal message of love and loss which makes the urn unique to you.

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