What Size of Cremation Urn Will I Need?

Cremation Urns come in all shapes and sizes.  These range from the beautiful fine metals Cremation Jewllery to the more traditional Brass Cremation Urns and the increasingly popular bio-degradeable Urns which can be buried in the ground and provide an environmentally friendly burial.

A Guide to Sizing:

Adult Urns
Traditionally, Urn sizes are shown in Cubic Inches.  A good rule of thumb to use when choosing an Adult Cremation Urn is to choose one which holds 200 cubic inches.  But of course, not all adults weigh the same in life or in death.

A more accurate calculation is to take the weight of the Adult in life and use this as the guide for the size of Cremation Urn needed.  For each Pound that a person weighs in life, their Cremation Ashes will be approximatley the same in Cubic Inches.

1 pound body weight = 1 cubic inch ash


The average weight of an adult in the UK is just slightly over 167 lbs so a Cremation Urn wihich holds 170 cubic inches is usually large enough.  If in doubt then please call.


Child Urns
Cremation Urns for children are smaller generally than the Adult Cremation Urns, but if in doubt, it is better to buy a larger Urn than a smaller Urn.

Again, you can use the calculation based on the weight of your child in life.

1 pound body weight = 1 cubic inch ash

A 12 year old child weighs on average around 90 pounds, an 18 year old boy weighs between 148 and 160 pounds and for a girl the weight is around 130 pounds.


Baby Urns
Every child born is weighed and the weight is recorded for both live birth and still-born children.  The average healthy weight of a baby is 7lb and 8oz but poorly babies will weigh much below the average.


Cremation Pendant Urns

Silver and Gold Pendant Urns hold around a quarter of a teaspoon of Cremation Ashes.
Stainless Steel Cremation Pendants and Charms hold only a pinch of Ashes.


As always, if you have any questions then please drop us an email of call.


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